Cost Reductions
Comfort Benefits
Cost Reductions

Vetroventilato® was designed and developed so that buildings can benefit from a very significant reduction in their energy consumption.

First, it allows investors to significantly reduce the cost of constructing a new building.

Reduction of the installed equipment size and operating efficiency = Increase savings.

tick-greenConsiderably smaller systems

tick-greenCheaper power supplies

tick-greenReduced ventilation/air extraction

tick-greenNo unnecessary openings

tick-greenUse of all available room surfaces

Comfort Benefits

It also gives an exceptional user comfort.

The economy, comfort and safety of  Vetroventilato® are patented worldwide.

The National Research Council said Vetroventilato® transforms a glass wall from a weak element of a building into a stronger one. Indeed, Vetroventilato® creates a thermal and acoustic buffer that isolates heat, cold and noise.

tick-greenPermanent air recycling

tick-greenCondensation/Ice elimination

tick-greenThermal & acoustic insulation

tick-greenPollution Elimination

tick-greenElimination of mold


Vetroventilato® performance were experimentally assessed against benchmarks glazing systems at the ITC-CNR (Institute for Construction Technology – National Research Council based in Milan), using the methodological approach of outdoor test cells and Energy Plus (dynamic energy simulation tool developed by the Department of Energy of the United States of America in cooperation with Vetroventilato®).

tick-greenAbility to have a K thermal factor of 0,3 K (higher than a wall)

tick-greenAcoustic isolation (sound absorbing from 44 db)

tick-greenThermal uniformity from windows and room

tick-greenBetter thermo acoustic insulation than EU regulations